Boat Bed

Boat Bed

from 2,999.00

From Boat to bed, and back again

Not only are Puffin boats ideal for the water – they’re now being spotted in the bedroom!

Our Puffin bed starts by using our 860 boat as the frame and adding wooden inserts that stretch from bow to stern, covering the middle bench seat; this creates not only a foundation for the mattress to rest on, but also provides valuable storage for extra bedding or toys.

The mattress is custom built by the reputable Portland Boat Mattress company to fit perfectly to all the corners of the boat. We also provide you with a custom sheet set that includes: a fitted bottom sheet, a top sheet that is fitted at the foot of your bed, and two standard size pillow cases.

Your new boat bed rests atop a sturdy wooden base that doubles as a step to ease little ones in getting in and out of bed. It has finished edges made using the same rub rail on your boat, creating a cohesive look.

The best part?

This charming Puffin bed is also a real boat! Capable of being disassembled and launched when your child is ready; simply stow away the base, mattress, and inserts for the next generation to use.


Customize your new boat bed by opting for a colored hull, adding a unique name on the back, or decorating the outside with one of our vinyl wraps.

$2,999 White Hull

$425 Add Hull Color

$600 Add Vinyl Wrap

$40 Add Custom Hail

Hull Color:
Vinyl Wrap:
Custom Hail:
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