Puffin 1060 Dinghy

Puffin 1060 Dinghy

from 1,795.00

Rated for four people, the 1060 is the largest model we produce. It’s stable, spacious, and allows for the most room possible to carry passengers and stow gear. The 1060 is easy to row and sail; ideal for beginners just testing the waters of sailing and for experienced mariners looking to continue their passion. If you’re wanting to get “there” quick, you can even install a small outboard.

Our Puffins feature a white glossy exterior, sturdy vinyl rub rail with rope inlay, and a rich beige interior that wraps along the top of the transom. The varnished oak seats and motor board are made by hand and the boat is finished with a brass bow eye and two rowing stations.

The sailing option includes a sail and sail bag manufactured by North Sails and an aluminum mast and boom. We use the same solid oak in our seats to hand make the rudder and dagger board, which is also included in the package.

Customize your new boat by opting for a colored hull, adding a unique name on the back, or decorating the outside with one of our vinyl wraps.

$1795.00 White Hull
$4150.00 Sailing Version White Hull
$425 for Hull Color

$500 Vinyl Wrap

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  • 10’ 6” LOA

  • Weighs 110 lbs.

  • 52” Beam

  • Capacity is 4 People.

  • 4 H.P. Maximum