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We believe that boating isn’t about the latest and the greatest.  In Maine, we can look back on hundreds of years of boat building tradition.  In the last few years, tradition is being overshadowed by advanced technology in the form of multi-engine, joystick operated toys.

Our boats harken to simpler times, and we employ time-honored methods to build you a custom boat without breaking the bank.  Factory direct pricing means that we avoid dealer markup.

Our company is as much about our people as it is about our boats. 

The people we employ are from rural and coastal Maine, and grew up learning traditional trades like: fiberglass repair, metal fabrication, and canvas work.  When our people aren’t working, they are fishing for stripers, pulling lobster traps, and cruising to islands in Penobscot Bay to wade in frigid water and search for seaglass.

Our team wants to know you and build you a boat that you will be proud of for years to come.  We can accommodate nearly any request that will improve your experience on the water.  Whether you want to purchase a new boat or restore a classic…Puffin Boat Company can make it happen for you.

Our Mission

To preserve Maine’s maritime tradition by developing quality products that bring families together and introduce that heritage and excitement to future generations.



Puffin Boats builds more than dinghies at Hampden marina.

By: Dawn Gagnon • Bangor Daily News • August 14, 2013
HAMPDEN, Maine — Hamlin’s Marine General Manager Dan Higgins was looking to hire a salesman late last year when a friend introduced him to a man whose family was in the boat building business......read more

Hampden boatyard to build boats for South Carolina company

By Dawn Gagnon • Bangor Daily News • December 14, 2015
HAMPDEN, Maine — Two years after it began manufacturing Puffin dinghies at its facility overlooking the Penobscot River, Hamlin’s Marine’s Puffin Boats LLC last week inked a contract to build fiberglass boats for a South Carolina company. ....read more

Launching a Legacy

By Lauren Johnson • Charleston magazine • August 2016
Maine boat dealer Dan Higgins spotted the sleek vessel in a Lowcountry boat yard, dry docked for repairs. “Carolina boats have a certain styling, but this looked like something you’d find in a remote village in coastal Maine,” …read more

Hamlin’s Marine: Edendriver 17

By Laurie Schreiber • Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors
Production is gearing up at Puffin Boats, LLC, the boatbuilding subsidiary of Hamlin’s Marine, for a new powerboat: the Edendriver 17, which combines practical downeast character with South Carolina elegance. …read more

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